IV. The Obligatory End of Year Post

Happy holidays, everybody!

I guess we’ve actually been at this for a year now, huh? What started out as Sunday afternoon fun has pushed forth into smoky Midtown bars and art communes in Arkansas. There are tons of people to thank, and I like to think we make sure and let them know as often as possible that they are appreciated.

Two organizations in particular that merit a bit of a public shout-out would be The Poplar Lounge, who gave us a place to work on how to express these ideas in front of people, and La Lucha Space in Conway, Arkansas who showed us performing live doesn’t necessarily have to be guided by the beer light (to crib a phrase from David Bowie). Thank you, friends.

Also, what would this year be like were it not for the sharp ear and deft hand of one Harry Koniditsiotis? Six songs into recording album numero uno and he’s coaxed some amazing things out of us. Two or three more tunes and I think we can call it finished. Thank you, cap’n.

I need to make sure you know that this whole affair seemed sort of improbable when 2013 began. I need to make sure you know that this would not have happened without Patrick Glass and Maggie Bausch, who were around when this started and whose busy schedules precipitated a change of personnel. They are Pneumatic Girls as well, and will always be.

I don’t know about 2014. Who does? I do hope the momentum continues on and that we can play more music for you, whether it’s on your stereo or laptop, or during another night out on the town with cheap beer and chain smokers.

We love you!
Jack P and the Girls


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