Going Unplugged

… but not in the way you might be thinking …

I have been, in the 21 years I have been able to use it, a constant presence on the Internet. In recent years, social media has taken over many of our lives, to the point that we have stopped living. Home life is much more inactive, and I would imagine it has put a damper on my creative life as well. My girlfriend pointed out how fatigued she was with this virtual social life, and without much thought, I could not help but agree. I don’t *want* to spend all of my time on a smart phone. What about the moments happening all around us?

So maybe it’s time to scale all of that down a bit.

Don’t worry, this site isn’t going anywhere, nor is the Bandcamp, the Twitter, or even the Facebook page … but the way I utilize it and the amount of time I spend on all the other stuff is soon to change.

These blog posts can be syndicated onto the FB page, so Facebook users will still be able to receive that information without having to come here (though I’d love it if more people visited THIS site). Same with Twitter.

The Internet-savvy might call this commercial suicide. I call it sanity preservation.


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