H.R. 1283: Songwriter Equity Act of 2015


Speaking as a musical artist working in the 21st Century music industry, there is a lot of outdated legislation that consistently discourages fair payment to songwriters for their work. Royalties for digital media (streaming, downloads) are a pittance, and updating the laws to more fairly compensate the artist would only further drive our industry. Have you ever heard of a musician that doesn’t buy music? Imagine if we could afford to buy more.

A lot of discussion has been made about how the digital media outlets would greatly suffer from such a law, and that’s simply not true. Requiring these outlets to more ethically pay its content providers (read: musical artists) makes sense.

If you are a U.S. citizen, PLEASE consider contacting your state representative and encourage them to sponsor this important piece of legislation.


Full disclosure: I have a paid Spotify account, and regularly purchase single songs through iTunes. I am indeed an active participant in this digital paradigm.

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