CONFIDENCE is coming…

It’s a strange crossroads to be stuck in. Too busy to handle it all myself, and too broke to hire an assistant.

It’s time to finish fulfilling pre-orders of Confidence. I still have ten to send out! The album hits the shops and merch tables (physically, at least) on September 18th. My original goal of June 1st seemed reasonable at the time, but I had not considered all the prepwork involved with press and booking to celebrate its release. Fortunately, J.D. helped me out with press and served as a voice of reason and experience.

Holding a band together has proven to be tricky as well – mostly in the drummer department. The good news is John Bonds (of Modifiers/Cold Blooded Three/Son of Slam fame) is stepping in to keep the beat for the release show. There may be something going down in November as well, and I have no idea who will fill that spot. The take-away from this experience is be sure you have someone who can/will really commit to your cause.

But I digress … a few flyers printed up and the promo blitz leading up to the show begins. Then on 9/11 (of all the days), I’ll be appearing on ABC 24’s Local Memphis Live to play a couple tunes and promote the album’s impending release.

This is happening.

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