Jack Answers Questions, #1

Hey, so some people have been sending in questions. I’ll pull three or four as they come in and shoot off some answers. Here we go…

Tinhuviel asks, “Who and/or what was your earliest musical influence?”

The first musical entity that made me want to make and perform music would have been Duran Duran, when I was six or seven. It was definitely the synthesizers, and Simon Le Bon’s voice (at least at first).

Craig asks, “Did you take music lessons, or self taught?” and “When did you first decide to start a band?”

My parents did enroll me in piano lessons, in kindergarten, and I performed at one recital. I didn’t enjoy the teacher very much, if I recall. I shouldn’t say that, she was a lovely older lady but her fingernails would sort of dig into my fingers as she helped me make the right shapes for the chords!

The first serious attempt at a band would have been at age 16. My friend Jeremy and I were making up songs and recording them on a boombox in the bathroom – the acoustics in there were actually pretty good.

Jamie asks, “When did you first discover a passion for creating music?”

I guess it was adolescence – I’m sure that’s a standard answer for a lot of people! Your hormones are out of whack, family life’s weird, and you’ve been toying with poetry for a couple years … is this an outlet? I discovered somewhere around the age of eight that I could play by ear, so I guess I had already been aping the music I had heard on the radio (I paid a lot of attention to the back 20 of the Top 40 countdown so my favorite songs were catchy, but always just a little too weird to be big hits!) As far as a moment when I found it was a passion? I don’t think I can pinpoint that, but I imagine at some point I noticed how much I stayed in my room and thought to myself “this is more than just a flirtation for me”.

Thanks to everyone who shot a question over. If you have something you want to ask, visit this page.

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