New Songs & A Rant About Human Rights

There’s been a flurry of creative activity at the house of Jack, with several new songs – two of which have been trotted out on stage, already.

I don’t usually consider writing new music as a reaction to the previous crop of songs to be particularly good – seems too calculated, to me – but this time it’s been pretty positive.

“Bad Day For Science” came about during the band’s first couple of practices, in October 2015. “Trilbies” (the hat, not a misspelling of the beloved critter from Star Trek) began as a piece of music written by our beloved Jason Pulley. 

I suppose these two songs are reactionary in a lyrical sense as well – social media, anti-intellectualism, and Men’s Rights activism are awfully easy targets.

Then of what I have at home, there’s “Fixer Upper” which is about basically being a middle-aged mess, “Giddy’s My Friend” which is self-explanatory, and a song I wrote rather easily just last night. It has no title yet, because everything I come up with for it sounds like clichéd bullshit. Basically, it asks the age old question: with a lifespan as short as the human being’s, why are we wasting it with mundane pursuits that don’t bring us any satisfaction? 

At this point, you would (and should) stop me and point out that it’s a first world problem in a world full of Trumps and George Zimmermans, places like Ferguson and the endless unfair treatment of pretty much anyone who isn’t a white male. I know this. BUT existential problems fascinate me, mainly because I live them.

Every time I attempt to write about human rights, I’m never happy with the results. The main reason is … who wants to hear another white male talk about this stuff? The voices of the oppressed deserve to be heard far more than I.

What I can say that would be helpful, though, is this: the world needs to start listening to all those voices, we all need to accept our roles (however passive they may be) in this injustice, and it needs to start right now.

It’s been on my mind, if you couldn’t tell.

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