On Open Mics.

I have long had a complicated relationship with open mics, I must be honest. They terrify me. I’ve always had it in my head that I can’t pull off the “one guitar troubadour” schtick, so when I actually get brave enough to try it … well, I bring that negative notion to life.

I played an open mic the other night (hosted by my dear old friend Tiffany Harmon – a beautiful interpreter of classic songs), and do you know? I think I might have killed it.

In a good way.

I chose three of my songs that can sound reasonable with real chord shapes on an acoustic guitar – “If This is Forward”, “For My Favorite”, and “We Died Laughing” (the latter of which I play in a different, torch song-ish waltz arrangement). I’m sure most of them do, but I’m not the most confident guitarist as is and I was concerned something like “Brakes” would sound ridiculous.

Somehow I pulled it off, and interacted with the audience successfully as well.

Maybe I will try it again sometime.

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