Show Recap: Anarchy at the P&H #2, Saturday June 25, 2016

Set list:

Motivational Poster*/The First Episode/Texas Can’t Have You Back/(If I Held You) Close To Me/A Team of Bumblebees/Sundaydrunk/Trilbies/Near Misses/Brakes/Bad Day For Science

*debut performance

We were the final act on a bill that included HEELS, Sold Under Sin, and Hosoi Bros, as well as comedy from Lila Bear, Brandon Sams, and Jane Haze.

It was an extremely hot, but fun, night. When it came time for us to play, we decided to cut the stage lights off in hopes that we would be a little cooler (in terms of temperature, mostly). Didn’t work, and I’m sure it was a nightmare for photos.

Over the seven months that we have been playing together, this particular lineup has done amazing things with the existing music in our repertoire as well as coming up with new material. Apart from Dik Ledoux, we have all played with each other for a number of years … but Dik has brought a thoughtful perspective that I think we were looking for, as well as a personality that works in our group.

The new material continues to strengthen. Maybe it was a bold move to put the brand new one up front, but we wanted to match the energy of some of the other acts on the bill and “Motivational Poster” comes closest. Sure enough, it went off without a hitch.

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