How I Spent (the rest of) My Summer.

Since the show back in June:

  • We played a couple weeks later at the Lamplighter, here in town. It’s a very small space but we fit and had fun. We shared a bill with the kind soul that is Eric Crays and a fantastic duo from Kansas called Schwervon! who made me happy to be alive. It’s always nice to play shows with people you haven’t met before (except when it isn’t, and we call those learning experiences). Nan and Matt were super cool – they look like lighter versions of the figures below:originalphoto-489814551.104976
  • I went on vacation with my girlfriend to Eugene, Oregon to see our friends. Fell in love with the place, and want to move there one day. While there, I wrote and recorded an EP that you can pick up for absolutely nothing, on Bandcamp. Only one of the songs is old (“Shooting Holes”, which I wrote way back in 2008 … I can’t believe 2008 is officially way back, but it is). This is what WE look like:originalphoto-490477548.896135
  • The bandmates have been busy with their other amazing projects. Go forth and discover Glorious Abhor, Chees Kees, and Mystic Light Casino.

With any hope, we’ll be reconvening very soon to write and record a new album.


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