I have no idea what to even say, but it was suggested (by someone whose opinion I value) that I take a stab at a new blog post.

How’s the band? I guess I don’t know. Most of that is sort of in the wind right now. Dik and his wife are moving away, and so his run with the band is over for now. Matthew has had his own stuff going on, and I have no clue about Eric.

Jason and I made an appearance on the stage of the first night of the first ever Bluff City Fair, with our friend J.D. Reager playing cajon and tambourine. We also used a drum machine. All of this actually went over well and gives us a way to play without a drummer.

Okay, what’s the plan? Well, I don’t know. I can tell you how I think I want it to happen:

  • A new album with 10-12 songs
  • I want Alyssa Moore at Rocket Science Audio to cut the album
  • I’d like to keep as much of the 2016 band onboard for the album, and perhaps have some guest appearances
  • Perhaps the crowdfunding approach again, as it worked very well for Confidence

That’s nuts and bolts. As for songs, I have only really written one rocker in the last year. The tone and character of this album may be much different. That’s impossible to predict at this point.

So there you have it! I welcome your comments and/or e-mails. jack@jackalbersonmusic.com

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