What To Do Now?

My third post this month … if only it wasn’t a ponderous one.

Well here we are, America. This is the person we selected to represent us, the person we chose to hold the power of veto, and the commander-in-chief.

I don’t need to tell you how grave the situation is, because you already know. Maybe I will be wrong about my hunch that the other half of the country will realize this was a poor choice. Maybe he will even end up making a couple good choices along the way. Maybe Congress will keep him in check (not that Congress is even populated with a majority of sensible people, but …)

I hope to hell I’m wrong, but there is no evidence to be found to the contrary. What I see in front of us is a human rights nightmare. What I see in front of us is a sizeable nail in the coffin of the reputation of our country.

So now what?

As a nation, we need to do twice as much ground work … to overcome and eliminate racism, sexism, and inequality as a whole. 

Remembering, all the while, that a little more than half of us (the voters) actually wanted this. A man who calls regularly for the rights of others to be taken away. A man who would water down freedom of speech so that it couldn’t criticize its governing body. Y’know, that whole thing that actually makes America great. Or made. 

All of this remains to be seen, but there is alarming clarity in this nation’s trajectory.

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