2017.1: Sacred Geometry

Starting off 2017 by assessing 2016 makes sense, right? I don’t know. Frankly, I’m exhausted from analyzing every sad twist and turn of that year. 

Maybe the better thing to do is make note of some things that did work out last year:

1. Sometimes remixing a song IS the right thing to do. “Ampersands” didn’t sit right with me, so I got the multi-tracks from Harry, threw a bunch of stuff out and recorded a couple new tracks. Effectively, a remix. People actually took notice, and it made it onto a couple people’s radio shows.

2. Record those songs, even if all you have is your phone. I wrote and recorded new songs in Sarah & Mitch’s living room in Eugene, Oregon using Mitch’s guitar and my iPhone’s voice memo function. Maybe they’re not the best recordings, but doing them was good for my soul.

3. Playing your new ideas for other artists who influenced you can lead to good decisions. I played “I Give Up Everyday” for Rudy from A.R. Kane (one of the most significant musical influences in my life this past decade) and he enjoyed it, and told me I should put it out. Frankly, it scared me but I don’t seem to let fear stop me from these impulsive actions (in the case of music, at least!) 

I’m glad I took his advice, though – I think it turned out well.

4. Be grateful for every person with a willing ear and a kind word, and be grateful for the people who are unafraid to give you a little kick in the arse as well. No example needed here.

Anyway, that’s a start. I’m ready to focus on applying 2016’s lessons to every aspect of making music. We’ll see how well I do with it, eh?

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