2017.2 – Motivational Poster

So here’s what’s new:

  • The band has reconvened with new drummer Josh Stevens of Glorious Abhor fame. We are playing a show March 4th at the P&H (aka ‘the usual haunt’) and Justin Sax (of The Original Cyndi) is sitting in on keys for Mr. Pulley.
  • Album numero dos is forming. There have been many demos bashed out, but I am currently giving them another take for consistency’s sake. A couple old songs with new life, and songs that have been birthed in the wake of Confidence. With Josh’s presence, I expect the songs will do a bit of evolving before we hit the studio – in fact, “I Give Up Everyday” has already grown as a result. Spoiler alert: we’re probably doing that song Saturday! 
  • Speaking of making an album, the crowdfunding process is rolling right along. You can help and get updates here.

I suppose that’s as good of an update as any. See you Saturday night!


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