2017.5: Back On the Horse – 03.04.17 @ The P&H Cafe 

Photo: Reade Mitchell

Set list: If This is Forward (solo)/I Give Up Everyday, But I Never Manage To Walk Away*/Ampersands/Sundaydrunk/Home*/Terror in the Aisles*/Eye (Smashing Pumpkins cover)/For My Favorite/(If I Held You) Close To Me/Bad Day For Science

Lots of new things happening here: new drummer, new songs, new cover (don’t do many of those)!

We got to play with Reade Mitchell, from Little Rock AR. He was a DJ back in my high school years who had a great impact on me, and when I found out he made music a couple months ago I invited him to come to town! Perhaps that’s a little indulgent of me but his set was lots of fun, and maybe it will also lead to shows in Arkansas. We would love to come see you folks this summer.

Our friends J.D. Reager & the Cold-Blooded Three also played (well, to be fair J.D. and I share bandmates) and it was one of my favorite sets of his, to date.

The first show with new drummer Josh Stevens was a lot of fun. We debuted “I Give Up Everyday” which sounded like a great garage/psych number with the band, and had started playing the chords from “Texas Can’t Have You Back” in a different way which became something in progress called “Home” (for the moment!) And get this: we finally played “Terror in the Aisles” live! 

We also tried our hand at a cover of Smashing Pumpkins’ song “Eye”, though we played it like a slow-burning rock number. Covers are often a struggle for me, but this one turned out pretty well. It was fun, at least.

I was really anxious about how to replace Dik in the live band, but Josh is right for the group. I couldn’t be happier. We were also short one Jason Pulley, but he made it to the show and got onstage to do his end vocal for “Close to Me”.

Taking a couple months to tighten up before our May gig at Growlers (more on that later) and for recording the next album …

Photo: Reade Mitchell (l to r: Matthew Trisler, J.D. Reager, Reade Mitchell, Jack Alberson, Josh Stevens, Jason Pulley)

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