2017.11 | Self Portrait


Po is one of my best friends. We’ve been through some stuff. I’m almost certain he thinks he’s a dog. Maybe he thinks he’s human. Grumbles in his sleep – I love him.

Dot and I have more of what I would consider a father/daughter dynamic!

How I Sleep:

At bedtime, I like to listen to things like Brian Eno (the ambient stuff, and specifically his album with Harold Budd called The Plateaux of Mirror) or The Durutti Column. I’ve tried having Tangerine Dream on but there’s always some brilliant sound or motif that rattles me awake.

I can’t sleep without taking medication. Trazodone, specifically. It’s not habit forming like many other sleep aids.

What I Wear:

I generally wear jeans as much as possible. Work requires slacks of whatever kind, and that’s fine too. I have a lot of t-shirts from bands we’ve shared bills with, or things I’ve picked from places I’ve visited. I really like button-up shirts. I hate polo shirts.


Simple pleasures. I like eggs (over hard, typically) and bacon. Usually prefer toast as its own meal – a whole grain bread and tasty preserves. I drink coffee. Sugar, no cream.

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