2018.03 | Releasing A CD is Hard

So it turns out the duplication is the easy part of this whole process. Actually, getting some of the local press together has been easy as well. The venue, however, has been absolutely aggravating.

The release party was originally to happen at a cool space in Cooper-Young called Sounds Good Memphis. Good room, good sound, and excitement was building. Then, due to calamity from all directions, the venue had to change their tactic to private only. How the hell do you promote a release party that you can’t publicly invite people to? How do you explain in your radio interview that you can’t tell anybody where the show is? How do you pay for the room without a cover? That just wasn’t going to work and it made things so much harder.

Fortunately, we found an incredible place to do it. Move the Air Studios, the ground zero for the productions of one of Memphis’s best producers, Alyssa Moore. How perfect is that? So the show is solidly on the books for Saturday, April 14th. A cool post-rock solo act called Dinosauria is opening, and we’re recording the show for later release.

Thank God that all came together!

Here’s a link to the Facebook event. https://business.facebook.com/events/886232904888329/

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