Jack Alberson is a 42 year-old musician, songwriter, and general loon who hangs (and chronically misplaces) his hat in Memphis, Tennessee. He has been hacking away at musical instruments, mostly for the purpose of writing songs, for twenty-two years. He has made a lot of racket since moving to Memphis in 1999, and hidden behind obtuse (and possibly most certainly pretentious) project names when not attempting to play well with others. Nowadays  he just goes by his name. It’s better this way.

In fact, in 2015 he    released  a collection of songs called Confidence under his very own name. These were mostly songs left over from other bands and other times. And what of the title? Is it a reassurance? Is it a declaration? Was the picture a way to get something useful out of an expensive MRI?

It’s 2018, and it’s time to hear TRIALS, his second album as … well, himself. You’ll probably think it sounds like Eighties music, or David Bowie. Both are fair comparisons. Only a couple of these songs are older songs that just wouldn’t finish themselves in a timely manner.

You can hear his music at http://beheretinnitus.bandcamp.com, as well as SoundCloud, and a lot of his more recent work is available to stream on Spotify, and to buy via the usual digital outlets.

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