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CONFIDENCE Press Release

Memphis, TN singer-songwriter Jack Alberson – formerly a principal member of bands such as The Pneumatic Girls, Shortwave Dahlia, and The Near Reaches – celebrates the release of his debut solo album Confidence with a performance at the Hi-Tone (small room) at 10 p.m. on Friday, September 18. Rounding out the bill will be local siren Faith Evans Ruch and post-punk rockers The Family Ghost, and admission is $5.

Confidence was recorded in late 2014 and early 2015 at local studio Five & Dime Recording with producer/engineer Harry Koniditsiotis (The Angel Sluts, Switchblade Kid) and a dynamite backing band consisting of guitarist/drummer J.D. Reager (Glossary, Snowglobe, The Cold-Blooded Three), bassist Eric Wilson (The Pneumatic Girls, The Cold-Blooded Three), keyboardist Jason Pulley (The Adversary, Mrs. Fletcher), guitarist Tony Manard (Switchblade Kid), and drummer Stephen Chopek (John Paul Keith, John Mayer).  It is Alberson’s most straight-forward and rock-oriented collection of songs to date, while still retaining the synth-pop sensibility that was a trademark of his earlier work.

Adventures in Radio

It has been a really good week for “We Died Laughing”! Last Wednesday, it was included on Jacques Granger’s program Songs From Under the Floorboards on Last night, Catrina played it on the Memphis Made program on Rock103 FM. This Thursday, the gang and I will surely be playing it on the Accendo Artist Hour on Radio Memphis.

Unfortunately, it looks like we were not picked up to join the insanely stellar lineup for this year’s Rock For Love festival here in Memphis. There are a lot of amazing artists this year and it’s a great cause (RFL benefits the Church Health Center). Be sure and support this year, in any way you can!

Hope everybody has a fantastic week, and I’ll give you more details shortly on the Radio Memphis show!


Keeping up

One of the hardest parts of going it alone is juggling everything that has to be done to successfully go it alone – after all, why do you think managers, PR agents, and labels became such an integral part of the music industry?

I started a mailing list today, upon the realization that communicating on, say, Facebook doesn’t result in all that much connection. In fact, let’s face it – trying to promote yourself solely with social media can result in fatigue. People get sick of hearing about the same old thing over and over. Sure, you might convince someone via saturation to finally click that Bandcamp link, but I would imagine 80% of the time they scroll on by looking for the next political argument, cat video (my favorite!) or clickbait article.

Also, how do you encourage word of mouth if no one actually engages what you’re trying to share with them?

There are tons of articles on the subject, and lots of anecdotal information within each one. Perhaps the first step is simply taking a step at all, trying what’s available, see what actually works for what we are trying to engage people with.

Maybe the mailing list will work. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

January 23rd, 2015: “Texas Can’t Have You Back” and Live Shows

This is up!

Forgive that I’ve not had enough coffee yet to toot my own horn very hard, or weave some tale of why this is Essential Listening, but I am definitely happy with it and I’m looking forward to putting the whole record out.

Also, February 7th at the beloved P&H Café in Midtown. Tony Manard, who played on “Texas” will be opening (and maybe another band…we’ll see).