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Free Music Friday!

From the Facebook home office:

Free music Friday! Hop over to and try one of these codes: r6hy-7n8c gapd-ysyq mans-5qw6 or w2c3-vjfxFirst come first serve, but free music for you! Enjoy. xo

Posted by Jack L. Alberson, Music Maker on Friday, May 8, 2015

XLVI. Not Laughing (yet)

Tomorrow’s the big day … sort of. Let me explain:

I received a message Friday night from TuneCore, my major digital distributor, saying there was an artwork issue for “Kiss Off, Stranger”. I distributed the songs separately, as releasing two songs would be considered an album in their eyes. As it turns out, the original artwork wouldn’t work for it because it had “We Died Laughing” on it instead. I created new (but similar) artwork for it as a separate release and updated the order.

… and now we wait.

This will not delay of “We Died Laughing” itself – it should still be available on all the big commercial sites tomorrow. It may now take “Kiss Off, Stranger” a couple more days to show up, though, and I’m sorry to have to tell you that.


The single in its originally-intended form will be available tomorrow at the Be Here Tinnitus Bandcamp.

I’ve received some lovely comments on the new music and I’m very excited to have made this music, with friends, for you to enjoy.

XLII. “We Died Laughing”

I’m excited to report that I will be releasing “We Died Laughing” as a single from the forthcoming still-untitled album. The distribution at this time will be online-only via the Be Here Tinnitus Bandcamp, and possibly mainstream outlets like iTunes and Amazon.

The b-side will be “Kiss Off, Stranger” (formerly known as “Treat Yourself”). GoFundMe participants will receive the single for free immediately upon release.

If you want to be a part of the GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign, I would greatly encourage it! Visit for more information.

XXXII. Sounds In the Cloud

How do I end up with so many accounts? I had two Soundcloud accounts – one for solo weirdness, and one for The Pneumatic Girls. Well, now that I’m just identifying as a solo artist, I decided to get rid of all the extra stuff and start from scratch. Behold, my SoundCloud.

While we’re at it, here’s your free download from last Friday – I’ve been recovering from bronchitis, so that’s my excuse for being late THIS time. This is sort of new. I wrote the lyrics almost five years ago to the day, but only now put music to it. Download and enjoy “Shame Shame Shame“.

That’s all for now. See you in the funnies!

XXVIII. Free Music Friday

Hey there, friends. I thought it might be cool to start sharing home recordings with you on Fridays – I’m all about traditions – so here’s the first. The song has grown in the studio and we’re leaning toward this as the closer.

Did I mention you can have this? Hence “free music Friday”. Please feel free to download it.

I’ll recount last night’s studio session later. Have a great day!