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XLVIII. The Family Ghost’s new album

Something of an anomaly in the Memphis music community is The Family Ghost, whose challenging  music (challenging, at least, to the conservative tastes of Southern audiences … they simply do what they do, with little regard to the end listener) and infrequent performances make them genuinely fascinating artists. To me, at least.

Their second full-length, No Dreams, has been unleashed upon the Internet and it’s worth the two-year wait (an EP, Artifact 2012, preceded it).

Listen to No Dreams and be inspired.

XLV. Memphis Comedy

In talking with one of my friends today, the very funny Katrina Coleman, I realized that I want to be sure I’m promoting my friends here as well – I believe the company we keep or the people we choose to champion speaks volumes about our own perspective and work. Her latest endeavor, the live Womanchild CD, is available from CD Baby here.

I’m a big believer in the Memphis comedy scene, and you should be too.

XXXIX. Talkin’ International

Hey Brazilian friends! Have you been enjoying the Pneumatic Girls EP on Deezer? If not, go get connected!

If you are in Malaysia, Greece, or Poland, you can hear it on Akazoo!

Austria, Germany and Switzerland can hear it on Simfy:

The EP is available all around the world via various other websites. Your input helps me decide where I should and should not release the next music.

XXXIV. Two Decades Now

So, it really has been twenty years THIS YEAR that I started making music with performance in mind. It would actually be 24 years since I started writing “songs” – meaning lyrics with music and all that. 1994 is when I met the people with whom I would start my first real band. Dan Decker and T.J. Mahaffey and I became chums at the University of Central Arkansas – chums with a mutual appreciation for nine inch nails, as I recall. Lash 41 was our first stab at a recording, performing entity. The three of us made a cassette which compiled our four-track songwriting experiments. For what we had in terms of life experience and equipment, it was quite good and a great jumping-off point for everything that came next.

Of course life and its college-aged drama had its way with us and we had our falling outs and making ups over the years (thankfully making up once did the trick!) and we met up again for the first time in Lord only knows how many years last November at a Pneumatic Girls show. It was like nothing had changed, apart from perhaps we are all a bit more handsome now! The 1990s were not a good time for men’s fashion, as I recall.

But yeah, TWENTY YEARS. Twenty years, as part of seven band projects and as a solo artist. Cassettes and compact discs and seven-inches and digital downloads.