XLVIII. The Family Ghost’s new album

Something of an anomaly in the Memphis music community is The Family Ghost, whose challenging  music (challenging, at least, to the conservative tastes of Southern audiences … they simply do what they do, with little regard to the end listener) and infrequent performances make them genuinely fascinating artists. To me, at least. Their second full-length,… Continue reading XLVIII. The Family Ghost’s new album

XXXIX. Talkin’ International

Hey Brazilian friends! Have you been enjoying the Pneumatic Girls EP on Deezer? If not, go get connected! http://www.deezer.com/ If you are in Malaysia, Greece, or Poland, you can hear it on Akazoo! http://www.akazoo.com/ Austria, Germany and Switzerland can hear it on Simfy: http://about.simfy.com/this-is-simfy/ The EP is available all around the world via various other… Continue reading XXXIX. Talkin’ International