January 23rd, 2015: “Texas Can’t Have You Back” and Live Shows

https://beheretinnitus.bandcamp.com/album/texas-cant-have-you-back-single This is up! Forgive that I’ve not had enough coffee yet to toot my own horn very hard, or weave some tale of why this is Essential Listening, but I am definitely happy with it and I’m looking forward to putting the whole record out. Also, February 7th at the beloved P&H Café in Midtown.… Continue reading January 23rd, 2015: “Texas Can’t Have You Back” and Live Shows

VII. Parties and Podcasts

The official release party for our debut EP Imperial Lanes will take place on Friday, July 11th at Otherlands on Cooper. Sharing the bill with us will be Zoo Girls and Xanthe Mumm. We’ll give you more information as we have it. Also, Jack was a guest on Richard Lester’s podcast yesterday, so be on the… Continue reading VII. Parties and Podcasts

VI. April Shows Bring May Flows (Or Something)

We played a great set at Otherlands on Saturday, April 19th, opening for the recently reborn Black Max. It was our first performance promoting the CD. We performed five of the six songs from the EP, omitting “A Team of Bumblebees” as it’s generally better when played loud and fuzzy! The set list was: If… Continue reading VI. April Shows Bring May Flows (Or Something)

II. Departures and Returns

I was bitten by the touring bug in 2012, when I was acting as live keyboardist for The Switchblade Kid, and had another go at it in September for a solo project. With the connection made and the reception warm, it seemed a good time to propose that the Girls have a go at it,… Continue reading II. Departures and Returns