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XI. Getting Social


The blog here at is now connected to our Facebook and Tumblr pages, and also to our Twitter. I’m told that’s supposed to be a good thing. Mind you, each will still have unique content, but most of our major announcements (in theory, at least) should originate from here.

As referenced here, earlier today, there’s been some recording going on. Again, Harry Koniditsiotis is at the helm at the mighty Five & Dime studios. I laid down tracks for a song we played a few times last year…with the aid of that strange old drum machine, as well as guitar and trash can (!)

I believe three of the four of us will be spending a little more time in the studio this Sunday as well. If we’re lucky and get all this laid down, maybe the follow-up to Imperial Lanes will be finished by the fall.

VIII. …And Moving Pictures…

Oh, and this wasn’t really a thing when I posted that last bit, but it bears mentioning that there may sometime soon be a music video. Remember those?

As of right now, it sounds like it would be for “A Team of Bumblebees”…or at least, that’s what this treatment was for.