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CONFIDENCE Press Release

Memphis, TN singer-songwriter Jack Alberson – formerly a principal member of bands such as The Pneumatic Girls, Shortwave Dahlia, and The Near Reaches – celebrates the release of his debut solo album Confidence with a performance at the Hi-Tone (small room) at 10 p.m. on Friday, September 18. Rounding out the bill will be local siren Faith Evans Ruch and post-punk rockers The Family Ghost, and admission is $5.

Confidence was recorded in late 2014 and early 2015 at local studio Five & Dime Recording with producer/engineer Harry Koniditsiotis (The Angel Sluts, Switchblade Kid) and a dynamite backing band consisting of guitarist/drummer J.D. Reager (Glossary, Snowglobe, The Cold-Blooded Three), bassist Eric Wilson (The Pneumatic Girls, The Cold-Blooded Three), keyboardist Jason Pulley (The Adversary, Mrs. Fletcher), guitarist Tony Manard (Switchblade Kid), and drummer Stephen Chopek (John Paul Keith, John Mayer).  It is Alberson’s most straight-forward and rock-oriented collection of songs to date, while still retaining the synth-pop sensibility that was a trademark of his earlier work.

XVIII. All Kinds of Singing – Memphis Flyer Mentions

Joe Boone with the Memphis Flyer posted about last week’s Otherlands show on the Sing All Kinds blog (link), and had this to say:

“Imperial Lanes is a varied mix of pop. It was recorded by Harry Koniditsiotis. ‘A Team of Bumblebees’ has a Manchestery reverberation to it: drony guitars, drums so lush they sound like their coming from next door. ‘Girl of My Dreams’ has a wonderfully tweaked guitar solo. The whole record sounds pure and unforced, even as the sounds evolve from track to track.”

Thanks to Joe and the Flyer for the write-up!