XLVII. “We Died Laughing” release news

Today is the day! Both songs are available NOW at the Be Here Tinnitus official Bandcamp. “We Died Laughing” can be heard on Spotify, and can be purchased at Amazon.com as well. No link up yet at iTunes, but I’m sure it’s coming. UPDATE: It is available on iTunes. Musical brother J.D. Reager (and featured… Continue reading XLVII. “We Died Laughing” release news

XXX. Absently

Oof, missed my Free Music Friday last week. Guess I will owe you one this Friday, eh? Current obsessions: Wire, T.Rex, and newer nine inch nails. Conjured up the beginnings of something tonight that tips the hat to Mr. Bolan but also the Pixies (somehow). Oh, and there is a forum. http://jackalberson.freeforums.net because I think… Continue reading XXX. Absently

XI. Getting Social

Testing…1…2…3… The blog here at thepneumaticgirls.com is now connected to our Facebook and Tumblr pages, and also to our Twitter. I’m told that’s supposed to be a good thing. Mind you, each will still have unique content, but most of our major announcements (in theory, at least) should originate from here. As referenced here, earlier… Continue reading XI. Getting Social