2018.08 |More Tiny Tour news

Friday, September 14 – The Spot Tavern, Lafayette IN (w/VV Torso & Team Leader) Saturday, September 15 – The Bowling Alley, Chicago IL (w/The Crustations, Save State, J.D. Reager, Arthhur, and The Glass Eyes) Sunday, September 16 – OPEN Community Arts Center, Louisville KY (w/Ross Hammond, The Empty Room, and droneroom) Will be selling the… Continue reading 2018.08 |More Tiny Tour news

XXXIX. Talkin’ International

Hey Brazilian friends! Have you been enjoying the Pneumatic Girls EP on Deezer? If not, go get connected! http://www.deezer.com/ If you are in Malaysia, Greece, or Poland, you can hear it on Akazoo! http://www.akazoo.com/ Austria, Germany and Switzerland can hear it on Simfy: http://about.simfy.com/this-is-simfy/ The EP is available all around the world via various other… Continue reading XXXIX. Talkin’ International

XIX. Everything Dead Is Probably Still Dead Again

In case you hadn’t heard, The Pneumatic Girls are no more. No more hiding behind a band name or guise, no more group identities. It’s time I just embraced making music as ME, Jack Alberson. And so demoing has begun, and five songs have been started on at Five & Dime with the honorable Harry… Continue reading XIX. Everything Dead Is Probably Still Dead Again