Feb 7 – The P&H Café (with Tony Manard and J.D. Reager)


July    11 – Otherlands (w/Zoo Girls and Xanthe Mumm)
May     11 –  The Buccaneer (w/Jacques Granger and Nathan Hiller)
Apr     19 –  Otherlands (w/Black Max)
Apr     05 – Conway, AR: The Locals (w/Herding Kittens and FRASS)
Apr     03 – The Buccaneer (w/The Pistol & The Queen, Ancient River, and TTotals)
Jan     24 – The Hi-Tone (w/The Breton Sound)


Nov     28 – The New Daisy Theatre (Knucklefest, w/FRASS and The Community Bubble)
Nov     21 – The Poplar Lounge (w/The Family Ghost)
Nov     16 – Little Rock, AR: Vino’s (w/Big Ginsburg)
Nov     15 – Conway, AR: The Locals (w/FRASS and Big Ginsburg)
Nov     14 – The Poplar Lounge (w/J.D. Reager and Jason Pulley)
Nov     07 – The Poplar Lounge (w/Bent Denim and Mirror Travel)
Oct     24 – The Poplar Lounge
Oct 19 – The P&H Cafe (w/Robert Morris Jones and Jason Pulley)
May     18 – The Poplar Lounge (w/Local Cluster)

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