LYRICS – The Pneumatic Girls, Imperial Lanes EP

(If I Held You) Close To Me
The first track from Imperial Lanes. This song was also on the Near Reaches 7” way back when.

Up in the air, all is uncertain
Is this the final curtain, calling us to ascend?
Like wishes taking flight, you caught my eye
At the strangest of times, calling me to mend

Like pockets full of hope, full of stars, like lights from moving cars
Would you mind if I held you close to me?

Deep in my heart, the pulse is faint
I’m neither hero nor saint (I broke when I should have bent)
Our feet, stabilizing, touching down
Side by side without a sound – is that what you meant?

All that we’ve lost, the cracks in our hearts
Here we go again, caution to the wind

A Team of Bumblebees
A noisy one. The title is taken from a bit of dialogue from Twin Peaks

Love, a swarm of bees inside my stomach and my knees
Asleep, a dream…unbroken zen, I was found and lost and then…
You don’t need to try, and you don’t need the reasons why
Streets and songs, trees and lights, just we

Hate, a swarm of stings for all the itching love can bring
When it’s gone and it ends, you were found and lost again
And if you want to die, or waste away in blinking eye
Sheets and pills, windowsills, a leaf
Just leave

(repeat first verse)

I hear, I hear the roar of nothing
I hear, I hear the roar of nothing
I hear I hear I hear

Girl of My Dreams
One of two songs with “girl” in the title in our catalogue…sort of Orbison-ish

I can feel my heart is racing fast
I was scared to death to speak those words
On the shaky ground of risking my heart
I had to make myself heard
I don’t wish to pressure or persuade,
But when I close my eyes I see your face
And in these early days of lust and infatuation
It’s hard to know my place

I’ve never met anyone quite like you
My excitement knows no bounds
I’ve never met anyone quite like you
But I got scared you’d change your mind and wouldn’t want me around!

I am not at all a perfect man
I built no pedestal for you
But I think you are the girl of my dreams,
And I want to wait for you.

Near Misses
For a friend coping with a breakup

When you’re still awake, and you’re planning your day
You might not believe it’s perfect this way

Don’t hold those years so sacred,
Though times were good
This was meant to happen
This was meant to happen

When you hear her song, and you’re losing your mind
You might recall feeling hopeless and blind

Don’t hold those tears in anger
It’s understood
Semi-permanent fixtures
Aren’t always what you pictured

When you close your eyes
And you feel what used to be
You slowly realize
She’s not what you believed

A really old song, open to interpretation

You look so brave,
My cannonball
A matchbox saint
Stand here and
Through the walls we built
The bricks we laid in guilt

Your eyes don’t wait
To slice right through
You slowly slave
To fall right
The walls we built
The bricks we laid in guilt

If This is Forward
When exes say nasty things about you on the Internet, it’s hard to believe they’ve actually moved on

Out of sight, out of mind
And alone in the dark
With the sound of rain and the lightning flash
The calendar breaks
The chains of a heart
Only if you release your hold on the past

Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep

This standstill life’s little more than a shadow
Sly gridlocked grins and a pill that won’t swallow

Amends for an injury
The slight of a break
It’s not a star you’re orbiting ’round (so you say)
And cryptic remarks
From your public face
The bridges burn when things go awry…what a shame

Weep, weep, weep, weep

(repeat chorus)

Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet

Full stop, dead end, this is all she wrote
It’s time to clear the lump in your throat
From is to was, and run out of luck
If this is forward, why does it seem so

The End

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