IX. The Pneumatic Girls at the Buccaneer Lounge

This recording serves as an important reminder to make the most of monitoring, when available, because not being able to hear what your singing often yields results like…this.


VII. Parties and Podcasts

The official release party for our debut EP Imperial Lanes will take place on Friday, July 11th at Otherlands on Cooper. Sharing the bill with us will be Zoo Girls and Xanthe Mumm. We’ll give you more information as we have it. Also, Jack was a guest on Richard Lester’s podcast yesterday, so be on the… Continue reading VII. Parties and Podcasts

VI. April Shows Bring May Flows (Or Something)

We played a great set at Otherlands on Saturday, April 19th, opening for the recently reborn Black Max. It was our first performance promoting the CD. We performed five of the six songs from the EP, omitting “A Team of Bumblebees” as it’s generally better when played loud and fuzzy! The set list was: If… Continue reading VI. April Shows Bring May Flows (Or Something)

V. The Story of Imperial Lanes

This EP got its name from the now-closed bowling alley on Summer Avenue. The only other name under consideration was Slow Numbers, but since four of the songs were not slow this title seemed misleading. Not that Imperial Lanes is any better…none of the songs are about bowling. The cover is my cat, Dot, and… Continue reading V. The Story of Imperial Lanes

IV. The Obligatory End of Year Post

Happy holidays, everybody! I guess we’ve actually been at this for a year now, huh? What started out as Sunday afternoon fun has pushed forth into smoky Midtown bars and art communes in Arkansas. There are tons of people to thank, and I like to think we make sure and let them know as often… Continue reading IV. The Obligatory End of Year Post

III. Matchbox Saints and Disappearing Girls

The thought of putting out a single to precede our debut album came to me in perhaps early November, when we received rough mixes for the second batch of songs we recorded. A couple of liberties were taken and we had a guest player for the song “Fall” – Jason Pulley, piano man about town… Continue reading III. Matchbox Saints and Disappearing Girls

II. Departures and Returns

I was bitten by the touring bug in 2012, when I was acting as live keyboardist for The Switchblade Kid, and had another go at it in September for a solo project. With the connection made and the reception warm, it seemed a good time to propose that the Girls have a go at it,… Continue reading II. Departures and Returns

I. Counting Upward

I remember being a bit gobsmacked when I asked Angela Horton, formerly of one of my favorite Memphis bands ever (The Satyrs), if she was interested in playing drums with me and she said yes. When I started trying to put together what became The Pneumatic Girls, that was the biggest piece of the puzzle… Continue reading I. Counting Upward