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XXXIX. Talkin’ International

Hey Brazilian friends! Have you been enjoying the Pneumatic Girls EP on Deezer? If not, go get connected! http://www.deezer.com/

If you are in Malaysia, Greece, or Poland, you can hear it on Akazoo! http://www.akazoo.com/

Austria, Germany and Switzerland can hear it on Simfy: http://about.simfy.com/this-is-simfy/

The EP is available all around the world via various other websites. Your input helps me decide where I should and should not release the next music.


XXV. Making Friends, Globally


One of the cool things about the WordPress dashboard is the ability to see where your visitors hail from (not specifically – that would be creepy!)

Just yesterday and today, I’ve had visitors from Italy and Brazil. Two countries I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting, unfortunately, but it’s nice to know you’re out there and that maybe we have a little something in common!

So hello, new friends.

I haven’t figured out where exactly to put this on here, but you can always e-mail me at jack@jackalbersonmusic.com (unless you are a jerk and/or a scammer) … I would prefer not to ever receive spam, but how otherwise would we communicate?

I am suffering Facebook Fatigue, to be honest, and e-mail is much more personal nowadays. Imagine that.