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Free Music Friday!

From the Facebook home office:

Free music Friday! Hop over to http://beheretinnitus.bandcamp.com/yum and try one of these codes: r6hy-7n8c gapd-ysyq mans-5qw6 or w2c3-vjfxFirst come first serve, but free music for you! Enjoy. xo

Posted by Jack L. Alberson, Music Maker on Friday, May 8, 2015

XXXI. Free Music Wednesday

Aww, what the hell. Enjoy last week’s free track today! “We Died Laughing” is a strong contender for “the single” and maybe the lead-off track. We shall see…for now, you can enjoy my demo.


And remember, it’s a FREE download, so have at it. 🙂


XXVIII. Free Music Friday

Hey there, friends. I thought it might be cool to start sharing home recordings with you on Fridays – I’m all about traditions – so here’s the first. The song has grown in the studio and we’re leaning toward this as the closer.


Did I mention you can have this? Hence “free music Friday”. Please feel free to download it.

I’ll recount last night’s studio session later. Have a great day!