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Breaking Silence

Hello all! Don’t let the silence fool you … things have been happening here!

First off, Confidence is coming along and I’m surveying mastering and duplication options. It may come to doing a short-run “earlybird” edition in order to get the record out to the people who have already committed and taken part in the album’s creation. I’m going to have to test my prospective options out first, so maybe I’ll push another release forward (this one being a collection of home recordings and more synthpop in style). EVERYONE who participates in the crowdfunding will receive this album as well. I’ll make an announcement on the social networking circuit this afternoon, hopefully.

Second on the plate, the band and I have recorded a cover song for WPNR’s Get Off My Lawn in celebration of their 100th episode. They have featured me on several occasions now – both Pneumatic Girls and solo – and it’s an honor to have been asked to contribute something. What is the cover? Mmmm, better not tell you – you’ll just have to listen! Here’s a link for the March 8th show, where he featured “We Died Laughing”.

More later,


XLII. “We Died Laughing”

I’m excited to report that I will be releasing “We Died Laughing” as a single from the forthcoming still-untitled album. The distribution at this time will be online-only via the Be Here Tinnitus Bandcamp, and possibly mainstream outlets like iTunes and Amazon.

The b-side will be “Kiss Off, Stranger” (formerly known as “Treat Yourself”). GoFundMe participants will receive the single for free immediately upon release.

If you want to be a part of the GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign, I would greatly encourage it! Visit gofund.me/crifhg for more information.


With some new people following this blog (picture me frantically waving hello) I figure I should make an update on the record I’ve been working on.

First off, there are some incredible people playing on it. My Near Reaches friends J.D. Reager, Eric WIlson and Jason Pulley have been in and tracked on five songs so far (“We Died Laughing”, “Lost In the Fire”, “Sunday Drunk”, “For My Favorite” and “An Episode”). There’s a lot of energy in these performances. I tracked one song alone, several months ago (“Treat Yourself”). Soon, I’ll be working with Eric again, along with Stephen Chopek on drums and Tony Manard from The Switchblade Kid on a couple more tracks (at least … depends on how fast we work!) Then at some point, hopefully, my dear friend and Pneumatic Girls guitarist Matthew Trisler will come in and play some incredible guitar bits.

There is a GoFundMe site up for this project – please consider chipping in and get yourself some lovely music as well as a few other perks.