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XXXIV. Two Decades Now

So, it really has been twenty years THIS YEAR that I started making music with performance in mind. It would actually be 24 years since I started writing “songs” – meaning lyrics with music and all that. 1994 is when I met the people with whom I would start my first real band. Dan Decker and T.J. Mahaffey and I became chums at the University of Central Arkansas – chums with a mutual appreciation for nine inch nails, as I recall. Lash 41 was our first stab at a recording, performing entity. The three of us made a cassette which compiled our four-track songwriting experiments. For what we had in terms of life experience and equipment, it was quite good and a great jumping-off point for everything that came next.

Of course life and its college-aged drama had its way with us and we had our falling outs and making ups over the years (thankfully making up once did the trick!) and we met up again for the first time in Lord only knows how many years last November at a Pneumatic Girls show. It was like nothing had changed, apart from perhaps we are all a bit more handsome now! The 1990s were not a good time for men’s fashion, as I recall.

But yeah, TWENTY YEARS. Twenty years, as part of seven band projects and as a solo artist. Cassettes and compact discs and seven-inches and digital downloads.


XXX. Absently

Oof, missed my Free Music Friday last week. Guess I will owe you one this Friday, eh?

Current obsessions: Wire, T.Rex, and newer nine inch nails. Conjured up the beginnings of something tonight that tips the hat to Mr. Bolan but also the Pixies (somehow).

Oh, and there is a forum. http://jackalberson.freeforums.net because I think I prefer it to feeds and information herding.

Remix news for you very soon as well. Sorry this is so all over the place! Xoxo