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Breaking Silence

Hello all! Don’t let the silence fool you … things have been happening here!

First off, Confidence is coming along and I’m surveying mastering and duplication options. It may come to doing a short-run “earlybird” edition in order to get the record out to the people who have already committed and taken part in the album’s creation. I’m going to have to test my prospective options out first, so maybe I’ll push another release forward (this one being a collection of home recordings and more synthpop in style). EVERYONE who participates in the crowdfunding will receive this album as well. I’ll make an announcement on the social networking circuit this afternoon, hopefully.

Second on the plate, the band and I have recorded a cover song for WPNR’s Get Off My Lawn in celebration of their 100th episode. They have featured me on several occasions now – both Pneumatic Girls and solo – and it’s an honor to have been asked to contribute something. What is the cover? Mmmm, better not tell you – you’ll just have to listen! Here’s a link for the March 8th show, where he featured “We Died Laughing”.

More later,


XXIV. ON THE RADIO: The Pneumatic Girls

The Pneumatic Girls track “Near Misses” will be played on this Sunday’s (8/31) edition of Hey You Kids Get Off My Lawn, a radio show which airs on Utica, New York’s WPNR-FM Sundays at 8:00pm Eastern. This is the second PGs track HYKGOML has played, and will be the second time “Near Misses” has appeared on the show.

You can also listen to previous episodes here, and follow Old Man Freakboy on Twitter.