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I realized this morning, tossing and turning and trying to sleep, that the presence of The Cure in my life is almost elemental. Their music is part of the architecture of my mindset, the landscape of my past. I know exactly how pretentious this sounds, and it is. It’s also true.

I had heard a couple songs by The Cure before “Fascination Street” from their landmark Disintegration album blew my mind and reinvented the guitar for me. That album was the soundtrack of my 13th year. It came along at a perfect time – hormonally and thematically – and I recognized very early on that it wasn’t simply a mining of the soul that caused me to connect with them, but an acquaintance with very specific ideas that I was considering for the very first time.

An aural “where were you, when…” moment.

This, obviously, is from much earlier in The Cure’s history.

XLI. Sneak Preview: “For My Favorite”


Now, a little insight: this track was recorded with the first batch with the Near Reaches crew – J.D., Eric, and Jason. It is something of a rarity, as I walked into the studio with barely a sketch of an idea. J.D. suggested the chords for the chorus. I finalized the lyrics sitting in the floor at Five & Dime – the song is about my lovely girlfriend.

I suppose it’s safe to say the song takes musical inspiration from stuff like Slowdive, Mazzy Star, and a lot of that 4AD stuff. The Boss Vibrato pedal makes yet another appearance here on the washed out rhythm guitar.

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XXXII. Sounds In the Cloud

How do I end up with so many accounts? I had two Soundcloud accounts – one for solo weirdness, and one for The Pneumatic Girls. Well, now that I’m just identifying as a solo artist, I decided to get rid of all the extra stuff and start from scratch. Behold, my SoundCloud.

While we’re at it, here’s your free download from last Friday – I’ve been recovering from bronchitis, so that’s my excuse for being late THIS time. This is sort of new. I wrote the lyrics almost five years ago to the day, but only now put music to it. Download and enjoy “Shame Shame Shame“.

That’s all for now. See you in the funnies!